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The Discord Toplist is composed of user submitted Discord Servers.

  1. Terms of Service

    If the Discord Server does not meet these conditions, we reserve the right to remove a server at any time.

  2. Adding Servers

    When you add your Discord Server, you agree that you are the owner of the server you are adding, and that you will add your server only once.

  3. Periodic Server Check

    After adding your server a connection check will be performed every 5 minutes to determine your server's status and retrieve the list of online players, the amount of online players, the motd, the favicon and the server version.

  4. Server Deletion

    You can delete your Discord Server at any time by clicking 'Delete' in the manage menu in the upper right corner of your server page.

  5. Banners

    DiscordToplist allows server owners to upload their server banners. Do not use copyrighted images that you do not own or are unauthorized to use. Banners with constant flashing and alternating colors, pornography, offensive language, or gory content are not allowed.

  6. MOTD

    Your server's message of the day will be displayed on certain pages. You are not allowed to place advertisements or offensive language in your motd.

  7. Voting for Servers

    DiscordToplist makes use of a voting system to boost the score of a server which contributes to the ranking of the server on DiscordToplist. You agree that you will not participate in, promote, encourage in any way, or allow, the act of artificially adding votes to any server. Each visitor who visits DiscordToplist may vote once per 24 hours for a particular server.

  8. Changes to the Terms of Service

    We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at anytime with or without notice.

Last change: 19-11-2018